Our firm belief in good quality yarn and our commitment to excellence brought us forward to establish Baba Spinners in 2017.

Baba Spinners is a spinning unit of M.R. Weaving Mills Pvt. Ltd. and has a top notch manufacturing facility in Bhilwara.

With a highly skilled and experienced manpower in the industry and the latest technology all over the world, Baba Spinners is a 26000-spindle unit with a production capacity of 10000 metric tons per year.


In our quest to be a global leader in textiles, we have backward and forward integrated manufacturing for dope dyed Yarns. From the core business of value added dyed yarn, we have garnered rich expertise in the manufacturing of wide range of synthetic yarns to meet the growing needs of major fashion fabric manufacturers in India.

Our yarn division’s superior technical competence and commitment to quality brings new qualities and shades of Dope Dyed Yarns faster than any other manufacturer, thereby translating a complete value for your money.

It starts right from the raw material we choose. We use dope dyed fibers where pigments dyes are injected into the mix before the fiber is made. This insures that colour is seeped deep inside every strand of the fiber, resulting in the colour that not just stays true and bright for years but eco-friendly too.

Quality Control

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. At Baba, we’re obsessed with quality and therefore it is the core of our working – our main motto!

To cater to this obsession, we have a state of the art quality control lab equipped with the latest precision testing instruments to ensure that our yarn meets the highest of the customer standards set. Our trained personnel constantly create higher benchmarks for product quality and test products to check for statistically significant variations.

At all the stages of the production process, the yarn is tested in the world class aggressive quality control lab, equipped with the latest technology and quality control practices, with an aim to achieve the highest quality standards.

Our highly qualified and experienced technicians are constantly working with the ever-increasing quality standards and changing customer requirements. Their work starts right from the receipt of raw materials up to the time the finished products have passed through inspection at all stages.

1. Yarn Evenness Test Premier IQ2
2. Yarn Clearers
Loepfe Spectra Plus
On line classmate on every drum at autoconers by Loepfe
3. Wrap reels, Count majoring system Techno Electronics & Instruments
4. Yarn TPI Testing Techno Electronics & Instruments
5. Lea Strength Testing Techno Electronics & Instruments

Product Range

In today’s feasible market environment, without compromising on quality and commitment, whilst also sustaining accuracy consistently, We offer an exclusive range of premium quality spun yarn with wide verity to choose from.

Baba Spinners offers yarn products in the count range of 8 to 60 ne. With a yarn production spanning across all varieties of P/V dyed yarns used in the manufacturing of suiting, shirting and carpet, our quality offerings include:

  • 100% Polyester
  • 100% Viscose
  • Polyester/Viscose Dope Dyed
  • Polyester/Viscose Grey
  • P/VHigh Twists
  • Fancy Yarns

Count Range available: 8’s – 60’s NE


Color is in our yarn. Which is why we offer the wides range of shades using natural or high IQ dope-dyed yarns. It is a part of our commitment to quality that will never ever fade.

R | Elan – Our HEP PARTNER

Recron SuperBlack

Raw Material & Procurement

Baba Spinners is a synthetic spun yarn unit. Their procurement of raw material, mainly polyester and viscose fiber, is done from the world-renowned producers – M/S Reliance Industries Limited and M/S Birla Viscose, respectively.

In addition to the rigorous process and quality controls at these globally competitive units, they have their own way of selecting/mixing proper specification and shades to make quality yarn.


Baba Spinners is well organized with the necessary staff and workers to achieve good quality standards. We have our own finely functioning Human Resource Department headed by a senior and experienced executive.

We also have the required skilled people in the service and production department.

An in-house training is provided to the laborers to increase their technical scalability. Also, healthy moral development training is regularly conducted, directed mainly towards their personal growth.

The splendor of the mill is that every employee feels that he is a part of our Baba family.



At M.R. Weaving Mills, we believe business travels on infrastructure. With that in mind, everything that has gone into making the yarn at Baba has been precisely handpicked to insure the delivery of best quality yarn.

Plant and Machinery at Baba Spinners is selected very carefully to make the best quality yarn with the best possible technology available in the entire globe. By utilizing the best-in-line machinery sourced from global leaders, we opt for high-level productivity, output and quality. Baba Spinners has state-of-the-art and most technological advanced unit of its kind setup at Bhilwara District of Rajasthan.

Here’s a look at our production facility.

1 Mixing Bale Opener LB3/6 L.M.W.
2 Blow room LB3/2 R ,LB3/5 L.M.W.
3 Carding LC300AV4 L.M.W.
4 Waste Collection system Air Master, Voltas
5 Roving Transport System Sara Elgi
6 Finisher & Breaker LD-2, LDAZ L.M.W.
7 Speed Frame LF4200A L.M.W.
8 Ring Frame LR9AX
9 Autoconers Savio Polar
10 Winding Machine Saurer – Peass
11 T.F.O Savio Cosmos
12 Bobbin Transportation System Sara Elgi
13 Humidification & air handling unit Air Master, Voltas
14  Spark Diversion system Elgi Argus
15 Over Head Travelling Cleaners Sara Elgi


We at M.R. Weaving Mills Pvt. Ltd. believe that enhanced use of natural and renewable energy sources is needed to help take the burden off our current dependency on fossil fuels. Power generation from renewable energy sources is increasingly becoming important all over the world as we strive to mitigate green house gases and climate change issues important for our survival on Planet Earth.

M.R. Weaving Mills earnestly promotes and pursues sustainable development of all factors which comprises of the basic raw material of sustenance.
Our strong financial performance is always guided by a sense of social and environmental responsibility. MRWM plans to incorporate social and environment friendly tools and appliances in all its operations. MRWM was at the forefront in installing world-class Solar Power Plant at its Spinning Unit.

Baba Spinners has installed a top-notch 2 MW Solar Power System which helps in providing green energy to the plant.

Growth lies at the core of every business. The meaning of this growth, in terms of business, has evolved over the years. While progressing and performing on the top is essential for basic sustenance, it is the thread of responsibility and value creation that reflects growth in true sense for BABA.

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